SMAC Race Series 2013

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SMAC Race Series 2013

Customarily the schedule, any rule revisions and the flyer/online sign-up is made available in the late-February to early-March time frame.

One rule revision is that there will be an increase in the number of points given for volunteering and race directing in 2013. This will bring volunteering/ RD’ing more in line with the efforts of supporting local races and commensurate with the time and energy it takes to keep a race happening. Though the Series is currently in “winter mode” (enjoy yourself skiing, skating or just drinking hot chocolate) you can still get a jump on the competition for 2013 by collecting points even before the first Series race = Ron Hebert. Volunteer for the Jones’ 10 Miler and when you sign-up for the 2013 Series you’ll already have (volunteer) points over your other running friends. This race is the Club’s premiere racing event; it’s also serving as the USA Track and Field New England Grand Prix event (one of the races selected by USATF-NE for their single race at every distance series). As SMAC’s premiere event the RD and club as a whole work very hard in making this race a successful one and it can’t happen without volunteers. If you don’t plan to race this event then Volunteering for it “kills 3 birds with one stone”:
1) You’ll be supporting SMAC in its biggest race of the season
2) You’ll be earning Series points (permission granted to make fun of runners entering race #1 with zero points)
3) You’ll be giving yourself a better chance at winning a Boston Marathon lottery entry in 2014 (volunteering gives you increased odds of being selected for an entry).

Series Director John Reino

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