SMAC Race Series 2020

The Six-Sevenths Club Challenge

The Six-Sevenths Club Challenge

SMAC Race Series 2020

  1. Ron Hebert Road Race: April
  2. Northampton Tuesday 5K: June
  3. Nancy’s Run for the ACCRF: July
  4. Summit Run: September
  5. Mt Toby Trail Run: October
  6. 9K for K9: November
  7. Closing Ceremony: November

Introducing The 2020 SMAC Club Challenge

After 10 years the SMAC Series has been updated! It is now made up of SMAC-organized races. This means that the total number of events goes from 15 down to 6.

SMAC has 7 Official races. The NEW “Club Challenge” has 6 of those 7 races. Therefore, it is named the “Six-Sevenths Club Challenge (or, 6/7 Club Challenge). The 7th SMAC race is the New England Green River Marathon (August). Club Challengers can still race, but won’t it won’t count towards their standings in the Club Challenge.

And if that’s not enough, how about this?

  • Finisher Awards will be given to all runners who complete all 6 of the events.
  • Awards for top 3 M/F point scorers.
  • All to be awarded at an end-of-series recognition ceremony.

For specific rules, see the links below.

Sound tempting? Sign up now!
If you are interested in participating in the 2020 SMAC Club Challenge, please print and complete the registration form and send it, with your SMAC Club Challenge registration fee of $30 for SMAC members to the address at the bottom of the form. The registration fee covers the costs to fund the end-of-series recognition ceremony and awards.

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