SMAC Race Series 2019

15 great races – 1 great race series!

15 great races – 1 great race series!

SMAC Race Series 2019

  1. Ron Hebert:  April 7
  2. Rabbit Run: May 18
  3. Pound the Pavement: June 3
  4. Lake Wyola: June 9
  5. JCC Father’s Day: June 16
  6. Nancy’s Run: July 28
  7. Mug Race: August 17
  8. Don Maynard: September 21
  9. Summit Run: September 29
  10. Covered Bridge Classic: October 6
  11. Chase ‘N Mason: October 20
  12. Monster Dash: October 26
  13. Dan Barry: November 3
  14. Monson Memorial Classic: November 10
  15. 9K for K9: November 17
  16. Closing Ceremony: November 21


What is it? a sampling of 15 fun and challenging road races.
Where is it? across Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties.
When is it? beginning in April and going through November.
Why? Why not??? Some of us run for the sake of competition, others just to participate. Some of us enjoy the sportsmanship, some do it just for fun. This series has been put together with all of us in mind, in the hopes that all of us will have a reason to give it a try.

And if that’s not enough, how about this?

  • Finisher Awards will be given to all runners who complete at least 9 of the races in the series, with extra additional special awards for anyone who completes the entire series of 15 races.
  • Awards for top 3 M/F point scorers.
  • All to be awarded at an end-of-series recognition ceremony.

For races and specific rules, see the other menu items on the Race Series menu.

Sound tempting? Sign up now!
If you are interested in participating in the 2019 SMAC Race Series, please print out and fill out the registration form and send it, with your SMAC Series registration fee of $30 for SMAC members to the address at the bottom of the form. (The registration fee covers the costs to fund the end-of-series recognition ceremony and awards.)

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