SMAC Race Series Rules

Entry / Points Rules

Entry / Points Rules

SMAC Race Series Rules


  • All Sugarloaf Mountain Athletic Club (SMAC) members in good standing (i.e., you’ve paid your SMAC membership fee for the year) are eligible. The participation fee is $25.00. All proceeds go directly towards awards and food at an end-of-series recognition ceremony (which is free to all SMAC Race Series participants).
  • The series is built on the ideas of competition/sportsmanship and fun/participation in the process of further developing running ability.
  • Registration will be accepted at any time. However, once the “grace period” has passed, a runner’s participation in races prior to receipt of series registration will not count towards points accumulation (a.k.a. the “back-points” rule). The “grace period” ends after race #2 – in other words, a registration received before race #3 will get “back points” for races #1+2.


Any disputes concerning points or standings will be heard by the series director. The series director’s decisions are final (SMAC is not accountable for further appeal).

Points are accumulated in four ways:

1.) A Runner earns points according to the finish time formula:
Points = 100 X (winning finish time/participant’s time) + (last runner’s time/participant’s time)**.

2.) A Runner earns 1 point for every race mile (race distances are rounded to whole numbers) completed in each of the races included in the SMAC Series. A Runner that does not finish a race earns no points for that race.

3.) Runner earns 50 Bonus points for completing every race in the Series.

4.) A Runner earns 20 points for volunteering in any Western Mass running race. A Race Director is a special category of volunteer and earns 30 points (when not earning points via racing – “double dipping” (points for racing and volunteering in same event) is not allowed). Contact the series director for volunteer points.

Awards will be given to all runners who complete 9 or more events (“Series Finishers”) and top 3 male/female point earners. Additional recognition will be given to participants with Series’ “Perfect Attendance.” Award categories depend upon the number of Series participants and are approved by SMAC board officers.

Series participants will be listed on the SMAC website ( and point updates will be posted by the series director after every series event.

**Point calculations are rounded to two decimal places via Excel. Calculations are done separately for men’s and women’s finish times.

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