SMAC Mile Challenge Week 2 Results

SMAC Mile Challenge Week 2 Results

Some of you ran on a track, some on road or grass. Some of you ran a stand-alone mile and for others, it was part of a longer run. If you specify the surface you ran on, John adds that into the results.
Here are the Mile Challenge results for week 2. Now we can really see how the scoring system works, and who’s moved up or down in the rankings (if this was your first mile, you have a neutral score). Nice job, everyone, and big thanks to John Reino for processing the results !
It looks like you all had fun testing your fast legs on the road, track, trail or treadmill. For me, it’s the only fast running I do these days (I’m mainly focused on building up my distance) and while the mile is hard, it also feels good to keep some variety in my running diet. We may have to wait quite a while, but eventually we’ll see each other on the starting line of the first post-Covid 5K, and I feel that these weekly mile time trials will be keeping me on my toes a little bit…
I hope you are all doing well. Enjoy your mile in week 3!


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