Sugarloaf Youth Track League - June 2017                    
                              Northampton Season
Team				Meet 1 	Meet 2	Meet 3	Meet 4	Meet 5	Final

1st General Cleaners (Yellow)	2nd(5)	3rd(4)	1st(6)	1st(6)	N/A  	21 points
2nd Serios Pharmacy (Orange)	1st(6)	2nd(5)	2nd(5)	4th(3)	N/A   	19 pts
3rd Paradise Copies (Green)	3rd(4)	1st(6)	4th(3)	6th(1)	N/A   	14 pts
4th Rigali and Walder Ortho(Pur)5th(2)	4th(3)	3rd(4)	3rd(4)	N/A   	13 pts
5th Whiting Energy Fuels (Red)	4th(3)	5th(2)	5th(2) 	2nd(5)	N/A  	12 pts
6th Northampton Coop Bank (Blue)6th(1)	6th(1)	6th(1)	5th(2)	N/A   	5  pts

Unfortunately our fifth and final meet had to be canceled due to thunderstorms,
so the season totals are compiled from the first four meets.