Turnaround 5K

Turnaround 5K

Weekly races in Montague (near the Bookmill), February – May, 2021

Looking for a safe way to get back into racing? You’ve come to the right place! SMAC is holding a self-timed 5K every Saturday with a 9:00 am start, beginning on February 27, ending May 29 2021.

To run these races you must be a current paid member of SMAC and a current resident of Massachusetts.

The race is an out-and-back, mostly flat course, all on Greenfield Road. The start/finish is on Greenfield Road just north of the intersection with Meadow Road. Look for the red line painted on the pavement near the uphill (east) end of the guardrail. The turnaround is at the gate at the bike bridge (go around the gate if it’s not snowed in). There is no race marshal. You will start yourself and time yourself. There are no bathrooms, so plan accordingly.

Safety Rules. These MUST be followed at ALL TIMES or races will be suspended.

Only current paid SMAC members may run. This is essential for both safety and club liability. Have a friend who wants to come along? They MUST join SMAC first! If non-members are found to be running, the races will be shut down, and we will name names.
• Follow established road traffic rules at all times
• In compliance with Governor’s orders, you must wear a mask (includes buffs and bandanas) for the entire event. Masks must cover nose and mouth.
• Show respect for local residents. Keep your distance and make sure your mask is fully in place when you run by pedestrians. Yield to local traffic
• You must stay 6 feet away from other participants and any pedestrians at all times.
Do not approach the starting line until you start. Once you finish, move away from the finish area.

To be included in weekly results, send your time to: laurevandenbroeck@gmail.com before 5pm on Saturday. Results will be posted on the SMAC Facebook Group and emailed to the membership.

This series is a halfway step between virtual races and fully supported and timed races. Please help us make this a successful step on the road back to “normal” by following the rules!

This activity is in compliance with the Governor’s COVID-19 Order #63, issued February 4, 2021

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