Just say NO to registration fees and race for FREE in 2013!!


Pay no entry fees for any or all of the races included in the 2013 SMAC Race Series, courtesy of Sugarloaf Mountain Athletic Club. Here's how it works for winner: The winner mails his/her completed race registration form with waiver signed to SMAC, SMAC cuts the check for the entry fee and mails it along to the address on the registration form.

HOW can I get SMAC to pay my entry fees????
SMAC will pay your entry fees for any of the races included in the 2013 SMAC Race Series if you win the SMAC RACE RAFFLE, but you can’t win if you don’t enter !!!

Entry into the raffle costs $10 per chance.
You can enter via the SMAC Series registration site on, OR by completing and mailing in the Raffle Form, along with a check in the amount for the number of chances desired (if you mail in an entry, please also email John Reino at so that he will know to watch for your check).
Drawing to be held on St Patrick’s Day - March 17, 2013. NOTE: Membership in the 2013 SMAC Race Series is not required for entry into the drawing, but if you are interested in the Series, keep reading below …

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