SMAC Training and Coaching

Experienced runners help you reach your full potential

Experienced runners help you reach your full potential

SMAC Training and Coaching

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Join or Renew Membership

Join or Renew Your Membership for 2024 Fitness, fun, and competition The Sugarloaf Mountain Athletic Club’s purpose is to promote running as both a recreational activity and competitive sport by
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SMAC October 17, 2023

A blast from the past of photos from SMAC’s 50 years!

A blast from the past of photos from SMAC’s 50 years! Photos compiled by Ben Kimball presented at the SMAC 50th Anniversary Celebration held on Saturday, November 19th.  

SMAC November 21, 2022

The Fine Art of Ultrateering

by Arielle Knudsen Ultrateering: a word coined by my good friend Erin Hazler to describe long volunteer shifts at trail/ultra races. Who can be an ultrateer? Why do it? What
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SMAC February 14, 2020

Serving the needs of area runners since 1972!


Weekly 5K XC Race - Tuesdays at 6:30 PM - NOHO Community Gardens