SMAC Training and Coaching

Experienced runners help you reach your full potential

Experienced runners help you reach your full potential

SMAC Training and Coaching

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Ginger: Race Bloopers

Original artwork by SMAC member JoEllen Reino.  Originally published in the January/February 2021 issue of The Sugarloaf Sun.

SMAC January 13, 2021

57th JFK 50 Mile Race Report

by Brenda Fortin I know the title suggests that this is a race report, and I swear I ultimately get there, but I feel it necessary to step back a
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SMAC January 12, 2021

Nine Months of Running Through Uncertainty

by Abbie Goldberg-Zaret In the early days of the pandemic, running was not an escape. I ran, but my body and brain were not connected. My brain was on overdrive,
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SMAC January 11, 2021

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